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100% eco-friendly vehicles that make you feel good about riding Slidr.


The tansportation landscape

Pioneering the landscape

We utilize 100% electric, eco-friendly vehicles. Branded by our Sponsors, Slidr's service mitigates carbon emissions in our cities.


bolstering community

Free of cost to riders, with access available at their fingertips, Slidr encourages community and takes risky drivers off the road. Slidr is more efficient. Our vehicles don't block traffic by waiting in time increments at locked locations or by waiting for our customers to arrive where we dictate.


bettering traffic TEMPERAMENTS

By increasing parking turnover, Slidr mitigates traffic congestion in our cities. Rooted in analytics, our technology gives us views into increased turn over in parking garages and on street parking as they free-up. We're seeing the impact.


We understand how local changes make an extended impact.



We'll meet you there

our locations are growing

Slidr is a complementary, eco-friendly, and fun alternative to navigating the streets in urban areas by foot. We continue to grow and partner with outstanding Sponsors and cities. Interested in becoming a Sponsor or launching Slidr in your city? Visit our Sponors section and reach out to learn more.